Europe Takes a Breath 2019 - 1

Erasmus+ Project: Europe Takes a Breath


Crete, day one... Europe in a nutshell, gathered representatives from five countries... Among them the flag of our country and the smart heads of our school... We are trying to find a solution to a global problem that does not concern everyone, without considering the location, nation, language, culture, school... Education systems are different but the challenges and needs are very similar... What makes a strong impression is the warmth of the hosts and the desire to meet the needs of individuals, and yet to carry out the foreseen activities... Children accommodated in their friends' families feel already at home... When a hitherto unknown mother tells you that she had two children by yesterday and three today, she leaves you speechless... You realize that the benefit of sharing is not just solving a global problem, but it reveals the meaning of human existence and beauty in every sense of the word... And children know better than adults to adapt to new environments, you just have to give them a chance and learn the best from them... enormous gratitude to the organizers and the parents who prepared traditional food and music so as to represent part of their own culture.